Washington National Cathedral

Located on the corner of Massachusetts and Wisconsin Avenues in Northwest Washington, D.C. in an area that is called Mount St. Alban, is Washington National Cathedral.

The Mission

Washington National Cathedral’s mission is to serve as a house of prayer for the nation. The mission is to serve the country and the variety of faith traditions. It’s a national treasure that is dedicated to serving pilgrims and visitors alike.

Designed as a covenant that is dedicated to helping bring people of the nation together in both conversation and partnership as they worship and praise. Regardless of whether you’re a regular visitor or a first-time visitor, they will welcome you with open arms. Here, you’ll discover something new each and every time that you visit.

Visitors and regulars alike are all made to feel welcome, and it’s the prayer of the cathedral to welcome and see a piece of self in the house of prayer that is designed to welcome all. http://www.brucklaw.com/

The Cathedral invites people to reflect on something besides yourself and as a nation, the story calls us to service and walk with the Creator. There are many tours available including a Guided Highlight tour that is included in admission.

All of the worship services, as well as prayer and all spiritual visits, are free of charge. The Vision of the Cathedral is to be a complete catalyst for all spiritual harmony in the nation. Designed to give shape to vision via public awareness, witness, programs of creativity, and corporate worship everyone is welcome to visit with open arms.

Church windowThere are many interesting details of the Cathedral including 112 gargoyles and 215 stained glass windows.

There is a Space Window that is located on the south aisle of the Cathedral, and it has an actual piece of lunar rock. Even Darth Vader makes an appearance in the Cathedral in a sculpture form.

In the Central Tower of the Cathedral, reside the only location in all of North America to house both carillon bells and peal bells. There is a labyrinth of medieval design that is based on the same design on the floor of the nave in Chartres Cathedral located in France.

Officially, the Cathedral is called The Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Home to old growth forests that are still standing in the capital of our nation. Olmsted Woods that was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr.

Completion of the Cathedral was done in 83 years to the very day after the beginning of construction on September 29, 1907, through September 29, 1990. The first track of the land was bought in 1898 for a staggering sum of $245,000. The other two parcels of the land were bought at a later date bringing the entirety of the cost to $291,427 and for a total of 57 acres.

As the sixth largest cathedral in the world, it’s the second largest in the United States preceded only by Saint John the Divine located in New York City.